Solar Home Sunbed Hire · The Facts

Sunbed Types

As well as the traditional top and bottom sunbed, Solar Home Sunbed Hire Ltd provides two types of vertical tanning unit. These are the VX240 with 24 240 watt tubes and the VT20 with 20 240 watt tubes. These are by far the most popular types of sunbed for home hire as they take up the least space. We also supply the ever popular 9 240 watt tube canopy fold away sunbed if space is very limited.

VX240 Sunbed VT20 Sunbed Sunbed Sunbed

If you just want to lie down and relax we also supply the traditional top and bottom sunbed fitted with two safety timers. These sunbeds have curved fascias top and bottom to promote an even, all over tan and greater comfort.

Sunbed Tubes

Tanning time will depend on your skin type and your existing level of base tan. Always use the very latest technology to build your tan, and never choose old fashioned tubes of less than 200 watts. All Solar sunbeds have 240 watt tubes for a fast & safe tanning experience.

Space at Home

Vertical units are specifically designed for use at home and take up a similar amount of floor space as a shower cubicle. A top and bottom unit will require the equivalent space of a single bed, whilst a Canopy Sunbed will fold away with minimal space required.

Health & Safety

The home tanning units we provide are manufactured to the appropriate British and European standards and are fitted with dual timers for additional safety. The home tanning units need to be plugged into 2 separate wall sockets; they should not be operated from a single wall socket with an extension lead. Our top of the range tanning unit the VX240 uses 24 240 watt tubes, and is as powerful as any commercial sunbed. Our recommendation on your actual home tanning session initially should be as short as 3 minutes, and build up gradually dependent on your skin type and level of base tan, to sessions lasting no more than 5 minutes.

Use Responsibly

Solar Home Sunbed Hire Ltd promotes responsible tanning and we will provide you with a set of guidelines, issued by the Health & Safety Executive whenever we deliver a unit to you. Remember these machines are considerably more powerful than typical home hire sunbeds and you should therefore build up your exposure time slowly in order to avoid burning.

Solar Home Sunbed Hire Ltd also provides specialist creams for these home tanning units which will accelerate your tan and provide greater protection for your skin. We will be pleased to advise you on the creams available.

How about Melanotan 2? Have you ever used it before going on a sunbed? We highly recommend using Melanotan 2. The sun's UV rays have also been implicated in skin ageing, according to research. It is possible to slow down the ageing effects of UV light by using Melanotan 2. Carry on reading here